Tuesday, 30 March 2010

The Answer

When darkness arrives..

I can see you gleams in the brightest light,
Reassuring that you'll always be there,
To wash away the black,
To brighten up my days,
To catch me when I tripped over..

But then..

How do I claim my expectations?
I won't find them in the gentle breeze of the night's wind..
Not in the tide current flow of the vast ocean,
Not even in the howling of the lonely wolf at the peering moon..

You have the answer, I'm sure!
The answer that will keep me on the edge of insanity..
Let that answer add the complexity of us..

Novenia - 30.03.2010 - 1.35

The Question

If the warm air could speak a thousand words,
Would they listen too?

If a goddess could sing such wonderful tunes,
Would she cry in the same tunes too?

If you’re so sweet and caring,
Would you hurt me too?

Questions.. Questions.. Questions..

Playing in the merciful minds..
Should I obey or disregard them?
Should I compile or dissemble them?
Should they be scattered or be communed?

Questions, oh.. Questions!!!

Novenia – 30.03.2010 – 11.20

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

The Muse

A muse standing at the entrance of the deep forrest,
Questioning everything in her mind whether she should go ahead or stood still..
For those questions are playing tricks on her,
Create illusions that makes her believe in the unreal..

She can't make further decisions..
Where should she go?
To the great unknown darkness in front of her?
Or to the never ending sadness she had left behind?

She has made up her mind..
Of the later should be just left forgotten..
A future awaits for her,
No matter how dark and uncertain as the swift of the southern wind..

She makes a step forward and opens her arms to welcome whatever comes her way..

Novenia - 3.3.2010 - 1.17