Thursday, 12 May 2011

Somewhere In The Corner

I'm sitting here now, silently waiting..
In the depths of thoughts and mix emotions,
In the sense of belonging but not yet longed,
In a somewhat one way judgement of unfairness.

People passes by, glimpses occasionally out of curiosity,
Flickering through the pages of the book I hold in hand,
Merely just a way to let the time passed by..

Some distance voices taking me aback,
Of an appointment that I should come across in time.
Regular faces of blank stares again and again..

The never ending gaze of an elderly has taken me to the future,
Will I be the same like her?
Or will I just be still in this moment and don't care less about the future?

A swish of light air touches my bare skin,
I shall wake up from these trancending of the brain.
As I gaze that face written with life experience,
I said goodbye to the white and blue table of anticipation..

Novenia - 12.05.2011 - 20.33