Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Unhidden Realm

A sneak preview of something very interesting coming up to you.. Be prepare and aware! #howls

With Bloody Paws,

The Lady Of The Wolf

Friday, 22 July 2011


The lady of the wolf is in pain,

For she can’t escape from reality,

When the moon is crescent and it increases her pain,

For every gaze at it reminds her of the agony,

A misery so deep that her wolves howls,

With every touch of her hand that suppose to bring joy,

Where has all the happiness went?

Seems like only yesterday she make treads of silver stars,

The galaxy united over her gentle trotting by the woods,

Today she’s in pain,

A pain so deep that bruised her veins,

When she can no longer do anything but weep,

In a dying agony of a disbeliever,

Howling to the bleak crescent moon above…

Novenia – 22.07.2011 – 20.03

On The Edge

I suppose I am outraged by envy,
When worthiness has no longer worth the fight,
I dream of sinking myself in blood,
My own blood dripping from my veins..

The pulsating thumps of the heart,
That goes weaker by the loss of red,
Slowly losing grip of the near nothingness,
Until darkness overcome light and all is still..

Novenia – 22.07.2011 – 19.48

Thursday, 2 June 2011

The Game

Let’s play a little game,
It’s call deception and betrayal,
Where envy and self centerness is the key..

To come out as the most celebrated,
One must deny himself,
Betray the world of most,
And completely drench in sin..

Complete the circle of courses,
By doing dances with corpses,
Hail the wolves of destiny,
Under the full moon in mutiny..

Novenia – 23.01.2011 – 21.45

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Somewhere In The Corner

I'm sitting here now, silently waiting..
In the depths of thoughts and mix emotions,
In the sense of belonging but not yet longed,
In a somewhat one way judgement of unfairness.

People passes by, glimpses occasionally out of curiosity,
Flickering through the pages of the book I hold in hand,
Merely just a way to let the time passed by..

Some distance voices taking me aback,
Of an appointment that I should come across in time.
Regular faces of blank stares again and again..

The never ending gaze of an elderly has taken me to the future,
Will I be the same like her?
Or will I just be still in this moment and don't care less about the future?

A swish of light air touches my bare skin,
I shall wake up from these trancending of the brain.
As I gaze that face written with life experience,
I said goodbye to the white and blue table of anticipation..

Novenia - 12.05.2011 - 20.33