Friday, 22 July 2011


The lady of the wolf is in pain,

For she can’t escape from reality,

When the moon is crescent and it increases her pain,

For every gaze at it reminds her of the agony,

A misery so deep that her wolves howls,

With every touch of her hand that suppose to bring joy,

Where has all the happiness went?

Seems like only yesterday she make treads of silver stars,

The galaxy united over her gentle trotting by the woods,

Today she’s in pain,

A pain so deep that bruised her veins,

When she can no longer do anything but weep,

In a dying agony of a disbeliever,

Howling to the bleak crescent moon above…

Novenia – 22.07.2011 – 20.03


  1. Such a sorrowful, but well crafted poem.

  2. Thank You Craig.. I shall have more poems coming up soon. Will be updating this blog also. Thank You for following.. :)