Sunday, 10 January 2010

I’m cursing you! Foul creatures beyond the grave!
For you can’t see the truth..
You’ve been blinded by greed and thirst of blood...
You’re the cursed bloody creatures of the undead…

May your souls detained by the stained clothes of your burials!
Those unwashed stain that has been cursed by Satan himself!
Damned be your spirits and not a reverse can be done for the state…
You will all forever be condemned in the cold, quite dark corners of the tomb…

For you may only spend a day in eternity, just a day!
To let your souls glitch, to taste the faint glimpse of the bright light..
Where you should have been! Where you should have deserved!
But you won’t have it!

You’re the damned!
You’re the cursed!
You’re a waste!
You’re nothing!
You have only a day in eternity, to dance!

Dance inside the cursed grave of your damned souls…
Dance like you never dance before…
For, Alas!
It will only last a while…

You’re the cursed!
You’re the damned!
You’re the wretch!
Dance away, and be the forgotten souls forever…

Novenia – 09.01.2010 – 21.15

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