Saturday, 16 January 2010

My Perished Soul

Darkness..consuming my soul..

In the hollowness of the heart, emptiness of the melody.. to reveal the truth..

In the broken memoirs of the later and the missing past..

Here I am,

Struggling and fighting,

Kicking and scratching,

But you’ll never know..

No more rhythm..

No more beats..

Nor the laughter of joy..

Or a string of solitude..

Dear destiny,

Take my fading soul..

If I should break these tombs..

Of never ending sorrow..

Darkness once again slowly consuming..

Until there’s nothing left in it,

My soul or what the left of it,

Slowly diminishing..

Vanished into thin air..

I can’t breathe anymore..

I’m perished!

Novenia – 16.01.2010 – 21.10

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